In the backseat

Cool night, mind afire with ideas
You smile at me from across the room
That hint of a smirk
Telling me you know exactly what I’m thinking

We say goodbye and walk like lovers
The car is freezing but we’re giggling like kids
Trying our best to keep our hands off each other
We allow the tension to rise

At the top of the hill
There are other cars around
So we find a hidden spot
There’s hardly any moonlight
Only the glow from the city below

I pull you close to nibble on your lips
You indulge me as your hands explore my body
I slip your jacket off
You maneuver your body
So you’re sitting on my lap
My kisses find your neck
Your body arches back
I remove your top and unhook your bra
Hold you tighter so you keep warm

Soon, you begin to tug at my clothes
I signal you crawl into the back
And I follow
It takes a while to align our bodies
My coat serves as pillow for your head
Pants around my ankles
I push your skirt above your waist
Lie between your nimble legs
Wrapped around my back
I follow the heat of your skin
Your softness welcoming
We stay still overcome with sensation
Until the urgency returns


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