The Reward

Cold is the floor she lies on
Back lacerated with whips
Pressed to the marble she stiffens

Warmth rises between her legs
She cranes her neck
But the tinted glass gives little away

Her hands struggle with the knots
Intricate enough to keep her guessing
The numbness in her calves return
She rocks from side to side
Trying to keep the circulation going
Then tires and stops

A voice booms from behind her
Don’t make it harder on yourself
Give into it

He’s carrying her now
She watches the contours of his neck
Feels the pulse therein

The bed is warm and comforting
She hears sleep calling her name

He begins by untying her legs
His fingers massaging the bruises
The scent of lavender filters in
His lips follow his hands

She imagines dancing around the room
Until a snap and her hands are freed

He cradles her head in his arm
Their bodies spooning into one
His steady breath on her neck
She swoons as he slips in


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