The Forest

A little game they played
when it was dark
Thick foilage, musty trees
gave them cover
But it was the danger they craved
Possibilities that some beast
would sniff them out
before they found each other

She’d run into the woods
dressed in red
A cloak, like Red Riding Hood
but hardly chaste
He’d wait till he no longer could see
what’s in front or behind

The hunter alert for any move
A flash of red or a scream

This night, a creeping fog rolled in
Harder to make out the terrain
Stars lit the sky
but the earth was in shadow
She tripped and bruised her tender skin
Felt for a gash, but couldn’t be certain
He bumped into trees
and crawled on his knees
Patting the earth with his hands
Sniffing the air for a trail

A wolf’s howl and feet skitter
What could be awake at this hour
Rabbits or rats or tiny centipedes
Out looking for dinner

She rests in the hollow of a tree
If she yelled he would place her easily
But the thrill of the chase would be lost
Instead she undresses and lies on her clothes
She touches the places he loves
Chanting his name like a song
If he listens he won’t take long

The wind carries the sweetness to him
His nose twitches in disbelief
An essence so strong
he is helplessly led along
to the nest she is lying in

Ah, the damsel is lost in delight
She does not sense his heated plight
He sheds his garb and leans over her form
Taking in the beauty she radiates
Then fills her heaving mouth with his
Every risk adding up to this


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