You’re in the shower as I enter
The rush of the spray masking my steps
I switch off the light and hide myself

The splashing stops and you begin to hum
Your favorite song “I hope you dance”
The steamy glass offers a dreamy view

You step into the room in a lavender towel
The one you borrowed and never gave back
Water rolls off your shoulder onto the carpet
You tiptoe still humming the song

You gaze at yourself in the mirror
Unaware I’m watching enrapt
You spread open the towel and shimmy
Turn around and gaze at yourself
A smile crosses your lips
I bite my lip to supress a giggle

You rewrap the towel and open a drawer
A violet nailpolish you know I like
Your leg balances on the dressing table
And you begin painting

The towel bunches at your waist
Offering up enough of the naked you
I feel the urge to surprise you
But I want more to see what you’ll do

Your nails are done and you stand
Toss your hair from side to side
A droplet lands near my feet and I cringe
The towel falls as you say “Don’t keep me waiting”


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