Nothing, like you said

“Unknown caller,” I consider ignoring
On impulse swipe and hold to my ear
“Hello,” I offer to find out who’s calling
You say my name and state “I’m here”
Moments pass as I try to connect the voice
A face to match this sultry vision
Waiting for me to recognize her

“I want you,” she says
I murmur unintelligibly
Excitement and fear beginning to show
I attempt, “What are you wearing?”
She replies, “Nothing, like you said”
I wonder when this game began
And why I haven’t saved her name

“Are you lying on your bed?” I continue
“No, I’m outside your door,” she taunts
I relax a little and request “What should I do?”
“Whatever you please, I’ll like it” she admits
“Lie back and close your eyes” I suggest
“Can you see me?” she teases
“Yes, can you feel my eyes piercing your skin?”

She sighs and I hear her swallow
“Slowly run your fingers down from your neck
Imagine it’s me”
She grunts and I hear the sheets rustle
“Stop at your navel and open your legs”
She groans, “You’re toying with me”
“Shh,” I reply, “Now open your legs”

She chuckles, but her voice is hoarse
“I’m between your legs, can you feel my breath?”
She grunts and whispers “Yes”
“I cover your thighs with kisses
My hands grab your hips
As my lips find your wetness”
I hear her panting and the squeaking bed

“Slip two fingers in and hold them still”
She grunts and mumbles her impatience showing
“I lie on you, pushing deeper into you”
“Yes, yes, I’m close, push harder” she begs
“Your legs wrap around me and your body shudders
My mouth seeks yours and our tongues entwine”
She gasps and exclaims “I’m coming, I’m coming”

That hits home and I remember our tryst
On a terrace in the dark on New Year’s
“It’s you” I admit sheepishly
“Jerk” she replies and laughs sportingly


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