His kisses are more fervent now
I’ve dreaded a day such as this
My mother warned me of his little spout
Always ready to dive amiss

We writhe on the floor like fighting snakes
Tongues aching from licking fits
His arms threaten to pin me down
But I wrestle from his grip

He pleads “I want you now
I’ve got to have you”
I laugh and wiggle a finger his way
He holds it between his lips and I start tingling

First my shirt and he cannot peel his eyes away
I cover my chest as I drop my bra
He’s panting as he kisses my feet
Then slowly I release him and wait

I need a sign
I’ve waited for this too long
He stays an obedient pet
But his brow reveals what he truly feels

I pull him close and slip out my skirt
His nose twitches to catch a sniff
I’m aglow now and bathe in his passion
My legs part and I fulfil his wish


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