the nightcap

We meet as planned in the dark
Mysterious forest behind
Cold brick and the possibility of being seen
In front
I lean into you, my mouth covering yours
Hands sliding over your denims
Pulling you closer
Your breath tastes hot and ready
Your hips grind back at me
Urging me on

My hands crawl up your shirt
Finding the clip—snaps loose
You sigh as I nibble your neck
Your eyes closed, mind racing ahead
Rolling up your shirt
I bend to feast on your nipples
Gently tugging as you mumble your appreciation
I cover your stomach with kisses
Tasting your skin, preparing you

Our lips join again as we dance
Crotch to crotch, chest to breast
Then you reach below and unzip me
Snake your way inside and free me
You crouch and lick
Then suck, just the way I like it
It is time for the main event
I spin you around and crush you to the wall
Your skin grazing the rough exterior
My fingers encircle your breasts, squeezing
Frenzied kisses– gyrating thrusts to your rump
Then fingers deftly unbuckle you
Sliding the cloth down
Your exposed legs react to the cold
But before you object
I slip inside your wetness
You gasp at the intrusion
Your muscles part to give way
My hands find your hips
Your legs spread apart


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